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In advance of launching my website redesign and new Pamela Wills Coaching brand, I'd love to ask you for your help! As one of my loyal readers, you know my voice better than anyone.  You also know what you find interesting, helpful and relevant.  Would you do me a big favor and please give me some feedback (positive and negative both welcome!) on the content that follows here today?

I plan to send this out as part of my brand-new free offer ebooklet, 50 Instant Confidence Boosters.  From now on, anyone who signs up for my weekly eZine (just go to www.PamelaWills.com and subscribe) will automatically receive this new ebooklet as my gift.

So, if you refer someone new to my eZine, just tell me and once they sign up, you'll also get a copy.  Additionally, if someone mentions you when they sign up for one of my complimentary SPARK Sessions between today and September 10th, I will send you a copy, too.  Either way, you win!


Before I launch my new brand and website redesign (as well as my *SUPER* exciting new opportunity with a popular Law of Attraction coach... More info coming on that soon...), I'm offering you a chance to work with me one-on-one for free.

Because you are one of my loyal readers, between today and September 10th I'm holding 10 spots open for one-on-one SPARK Sessions with me: 30 minutes, on the phone, just you and me.  Let's sort out your current confidence challenges and make a plan to conquer them!

Get in while the getting's good -- before I open this up to a wider audience and before that audience fills to Standing Room Only in a couple of weeks.

Contact me ASAP at Pamela@ElasticityCoaching.com to book your slot before they're all gone!

Please review the following text and let me know what you think -- your help is extremely valuable to me!


--- Hi!  I’m Pamela Wills, Confidence Coach and Author of the Spark, Shimmer & Sizzle! Program that teaches you how to increase your own 3 C’s:  Courage, Confidence and Charisma.

Your Gift

In this complimentary ebooklet, my gift to you, I share 50 of my quickest strategies for successfully boosting your courage, confidence and charisma.  These tips are exactly the same ones I’ve used my Self and the ones I still use to teach others how to look, feel, act and finally become the confident, sizzling women they are meant to be.

These tips will get you started on the road to feeling stronger, more capable, more confident, sexier, more beautiful, smarter and happier than you have in a long time!

About Pamela

Pamela Wills is Confidence Coach and Author of Spark, Shimmer & Sizzle!, her signature program for building courage, increasing confidence and tapping innate charisma.

Pamela uses her past experiences and hard-won successes to guide people from the darkness of difficult and controlling relationships to the lightness of feeling strong, confident and sexy.  She does this by helping them take on and achieve regular challenges with success, learn to treat themselves with kindness and respect, set and meet high expectations for themselves and finally, tap their innate charisma and get their SIZZLE ON!

Pamela earned her Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credential from Fowler-Wainwright International and her BA in English Literature from Georgetown University.  She has been writing and teaching professionally for over 20 years and continues to learn and improve her talents, gifts and skills with experience and training.  Her unique background includes PR and marketing for the US Army and a natural wood finishes manufacturer (both in Germany), translations from German to English for a global retailer, choreography and dance instruction for theater, plus English language training for foreign executives.  Pamela has written travel articles, a regular column on cultural differences, book reviews, guest blog posts and her own weekly blog and eZine.  She also runs group Confidence Training Workshops and makes guest appearances on radio and TV.

Helping others increase their confidence levels has become Pamela’s passion because she learned the hard way how important confidence really is for success in love and relationships, parenting, career and business, friendships and life in general.  She wants to spare others the hard, dark journey she took and set them on a bright, happy path as quickly as possible!

To learn more and schedule your own complimentary SPARK Session with Pamela, visit www.PamelaWills.com today.