Instant Stage Fright Busters

Believing in our Selves is tough sometimes, right? I know how it is. I've been there. Heck, I GO there, right behind you sometimes! But if we are going to get anywhere, my dear, we are going to have to step it up. Going to have to find that voice. Going to have to use it! Going to have to get up and speak!

I mean, come on, how can you expect to move beyond middle management if speaking to your peers and/or managers makes you feel like you might lose your lunch?? How can you really reach bestseller status if you can't read from your own book to an audience of adoring readers without shaking and sweating like mad? How can you step into your true power if you don't FEEL powerful in front of any audience??

Right. That's where I can help.

Here are some of my fave stage fright busting tricks that will give you an INSTANT power rush. (Get ready, you're about to unleash your inner rock star now!)

woman-looking-in-mirror1) Use your mirror

Check your Self in the mirror. Stand there and smile at your Self. Embrace your face! You are beautiful! You are a woman. Women have tons of power! Learn to love how you look.

2) Use your voice

Sing, speak, hum as much as possible! In the car, in the shower, while gardening...Get used to hearing your own voice and get an internal massage, all at the same time. Learn to wield your voice with purpose and energy.

3) Use your head

Don't let your imagination run wild! Realize and understand that stage fright is all in your head. There is no tiger rushing the stage, intent on having you for lunch! The danger you imagine is NOT real. I promise.

4) Use your fear

That's right, you heard me. Flip those fearful thoughts from fright... to delight! Understand that the adrenaline rush of anxiety is the same as a rush of excitement. The physical symptoms are practically identical. Reframe that fear as joy and rock on!

5) Use your imagination

Pretend that your gig was already a smash hit! Visualize your Self performing or presenting to an adoring crowd that gives you a standing ovation! Over and over again. Every time!

6) Use your breath

Find your Zen. Breathe and center your Self. When you start to freak out about getting up onstage, bring your thoughts back to your Happy Place. Is it the beach? A log cabin? Your bathtub? Wherever you feel calmest. Whatever floats your boat. Go there. Be there. Breathe in calm, breathe out fright.

zteddy-bear-family217) Use your friends and family

Set up an audience at home and practice your speech. Use your kids, your spouse, your parents, pets... Other options include mops, brooms, teddy bears, mirrors, dolls, etc. (see #5, Use your imagination...). Get up and speak to them! Say what you want to say. Practice. Have fun!

Try some of these out and watch what happens. Remember, confidence is key!