It's 2016 - Are You Ready?

Whew!! So glad we made it through the tidal wave of holiday events, smile intact!! It really was a fun holiday season here at Creative Revolution HQ, with a whirlwind of parties to attend, shows to see, friends to meet, business to wrap up and planning to do for 2016.

Now that the tinsel is down and the New Year is seriously underway, it's definitely time to get back to business, amiright??

No need for the winter blues, my friend. We've got this.

Here are a few practices to help you feel organized, confident and more than ready to face a whole new year:

1) Income
Make a list of all the business you already know you've got planned for the next 12 months. Divide it month by month and list it out, including how much money you expect to make for each gig.

2) Expenses
Make a similar list, month by month with all the expenses you expect to incur for the year.

There's your budget. Easy peasy, right?

You can always adjust this as things change during the year, but at least you have a good reference point to start with.

3) Marketing/PR
Using your Income list, map out your events, gigs, openings, etc that need marketing and PR attention, month by month. For each event, back up at least one month (two is better if possible) and schedule your marketing and PR efforts such as social media posts, FB events, press releases, etc.

There's your simple marketing and PR plan.

4) Content
Now you can get down to the creative stuff and plan out your content. What new things do you want to create in 2016? What do you want to express, talk about, present, perform, write about, show, etc? See if you can divide it up by month, or by quarter to keep yourself organized.

That's your Content Plan.

5) Growth
This part is all about your goals. If you don't think about your situation at this time next year and the year after that and ten years down the road, you're just going to plod along and let circumstances dictate your future. Is that really how you roll??

No, I didn't think so.

Make your plan, set your goals, write them down, review them often and steer your own course. You're the Captain. YOU decide.



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