It's 2nd Quarter Review Time

That means it's time to think about your business! Not the creative part, the money part. Yes, it must be done, at least once in awhile. I'm giving you the quarterly review treatment this week, since June just ended and the calendar year is halfway over.

But, since it's summer, I'm giving you the streamlined approach. =)

When it comes to making money with your business, you really only need to look at three things:

1) Traffic & Visibility
How many people see what you do? How often do they see your work? How easy is it for them to see your creations? 

2) List building
Your list is your bank! Customer acquisition, management, relations, service and more are all vital to growing your business.

3) Sales
The proof is in the pudding, peeps. How does your bottom line look?

With all three of these elements, ask yourself how things went over the past three months (April, May & June) for your second quarter of this calendar year. Then, take it a step further and ask yourself how much you need or want to improve those elements over the next two quarters / six months and most importantly, how you're going to get there.

Voila! There is your streamlined easy breezy quarterly review. =)

Need more help working out the details? Message me for a complimentary chat and we will talk about your game plan.

 Money Makes the World Go Around...

Money Makes the World Go Around...

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