Kick the Fear

Last year at this time, I wrote about being afraid of the dark and how overcoming that fear can help us overcome other fears, too.  If you're a longtime reader, you might have noticed that I recently posted a bunch of quotes from that blog on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Fear -- rather, how to master it -- is one of my fave topics.  And it's almost Halloween!  How fitting. “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” ~ Marie Curie

How's that for a quote??  My mentor, Ali Brown posted it today.  Love it.

So how can we understand fear in order to master it?  I am sure there are thousands of approaches out there, practiced by thousands of coaches.  Lucky for you, I'm here to give you just one perspective -- with six faces.  Not your everyday, expected fears like darkness, unemployment, rejection...  More like deep unconscious stuff.  Kind of like one of those Russian nesting inside the other, many faces.  They are so cute!...

Face #1 ={ You expect failure.  You get failure. Fear of failure is never pretty, never productive.  Kick it out the window.  There is no failure, only lessons learned.  Read any success story for proof.

Face #2 =| You only THINK you're feeling something. Don't mistake adrenaline for fear.  Excitement can cloud your judgement.  Always sleep on an emotional decision.  Next morning, confidence rules.  Kick that fear to the curb.

Face #3 =? You only think you KNOW something. You KNOW this business idea will never work.  You KNOW you can't possibly achieve those sales numbers.  You KNOW whatever it is will never work.  Well I say, NO!!!  You DON'T know.  You only THINK you know.  Kick it.

Face #4 =0 You think something's real, but it's not, it's really fake. Worries and doubts plaguing you into incurable insomnia?  They aren't real.  They're fake.  You (or someone else) made them up.  They are fake.  Can you say, drop kick?

Face #5 =7 You think it might really happen.  You can't be sure. Afraid to succeed?  Afraid to step up?  Why?  You can totally handle responsibility.  Look at how much you've already handled so far!  You will be awesome.  You already totally ROCK.  Already kicked.

Face #6 =[ You forget that everything's gonna be alright. Just put on some Marley and chill.  Chill for a week if that's what it takes, maybe even longer.  Because everything really is gonna be alright.  You just have to trust.

Best way to kick the fear?  Understand it.  Which face is staring you down, holding you back this time?

Put on your very best game face and stare right back.  Kick that fear to the curb.  It's just a puff of your imagination, anyway.

Having trouble with your kick?  Contact me.  I love kickboxing, don't you??

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