Let's Get Revolutionary!

Listen, I get that you feel frustrated, alone and even angry that you're not yet making a living from your art.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to muster the daily motivation necessary to keep on submitting and putting your work out there, to keep on believing in your talent when it seems like all you get is rejection.

That is why I've teamed up with an incredibly eclectic collection of Artists to talk with them about how they got started, what keeps them going, what their best strategies are, where they are headed in their careers and so much more.

Revolutionary! membership gives you BACKSTAGE MONTHLY ACCESS to this exclusive circle of Artists who are making it work and who are willing to share their secrets with YOU.


  • You want to spend time with successful Artists (because we become like the 5 people we spend most of our time with!)

  • You want to believe that your work is good enough

  • You crave regular motivation and inspiration to keep you focused on selling your work

  • You wish that self promotion was a piece of cake

  • You want to learn fantabulous social media strategies to grow your fanbase

  • You are DYING to be the Artist you KNOW you're meant to be!

  • You want to make BANK from your talent, and pronto


  • Social media strategies for gaining attention and fans that will BLOW your MIND

  • Ways to make regular cash in your chosen field that WON'T chain you to a desk job

  • How to make your Art your BUSINESS, not your hobby

  • Powerful statements to keep you motivated

  • Ideas galore for authentic self promotion that aren't smarmy

  • Networking tips to keep your word of mouth marketing flowing


  • Exclusive Access Pass to this month's call PLUS our three previous months' calls

  • Amazing tips on how to hustle your work while staying true to your creative genius

  • Access to my private Facebook group for multi-talented Artists, The Creative Revolution

  • MP3 recordings of calls for you to download into your library

Future interviews planned with dancers, designers, singer/songwriters, fine artists and more!

These JUICY interviews with Artists of all stripes who are working at their passion and making it work are jam packed with ideas, tips, stories and more. The strategies my Artists reveal will help you promote yourself and your work like never before!

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