Letting Go

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the benefits of letting go.  Why?  Well, I've noticed that there are quite a few things in my life that need to be set free.  These include (but are not limited to) the ridiculous amount of clutter in one of my closets; the dust that has accumulated on my furniture over the past couple of weeks; the pile of old books, CDs and DVDs in the trunk of my car, waiting to be donated to the library; the fabulous piece of theater I just finished working on with a whole bunch of talented new friends; the box hiding in a dark corner full of my ex-boyfriend's shadows; and last but not least, my Buddha belly!  *sigh* Why do I need to let these things go?  Well, to be honest I see letting go as a sort of cleansing exercise.  And I believe that letting go will help to clear space in my life for new projects, new inspiration, a breath of fresh air.  Besides, I don't want to end up the subject of a "Hoarders" episode... Yikes, have you SEEN that show?  Freaky.

In any case, letting go is very different from giving up.  Giving up means stopping in the middle of something, not following through, walking away.  Giving up happens when we are fearful or frustrated or overwhelmed or just plain done.

But letting go is something else entirely.  Letting go involves a certain amount of trust that we don't need to cling to something any longer.  Letting go happens when something is finished, ended, no longer necessary.  Letting go makes me think of openness, willingness, lightness.

Some people have to let go all the time: Think of parachute jumpers or hang gliders!  Imagine the amount of letting go they have to practice each time they push off.  Then there are the tightrope walkers and trapeze artists: They must have to let go of tremendous amounts of fear, stress and limiting negativity each time they perform.  And don't forget about actors: They spend their time bonding with group after group of fellow actors, moving from show to show, memorizing lines and cues for each show and then letting all of it go after each final performance and strike party.

As for me, I've decided to imitate a trapeze artist: Flexible, fearless, strong, adaptable, willing and able to let go as often as needed in order to reach my goals.  Right now, my immediate goal is to let go of (at least some of) those items listed above before the end of February... Wish me luck.

How about you?  What do you want or need to let go of?  Old clothes that don't fit you or your style anymore?  Out-dated appliances, TVs, computers or cell phones that could be donated to a needy organization?  A worn-out relationship or friendship that takes more than you can give?  A hairstyle that you know needs an update?

Whatever it is, I KNOW you have something hanging around that needs to be let go.   You can't fool me!  0_O

So here's what you can do:  Let.  It.  Go.

Seriously.  What have you got to lose?