Are You Living the Dream Yet?

"Living the Dream" is an expression that we often hear used sarcastically. With ennui, cynicism, even regret. makelemonadeBut in the original children's theater production of "Lulu's Lemonade Stand" by Holly Erin McCarthy and Chris Compton (in which my daughter Celia plays the role of Belinda the Biscuit Biter, but that's another story...), none other than 11 year old entrepreneur Lulu her Self proclaims that she is in fact living the dream. Out on the open road in the fictional town of Bixby, Lulu sells her lemonade in exchange for whatever her customers happen to have in their pockets. Lulu is so enthralled with her life that she declines an offer to sell her business to the evil Betty the Baker and become rich.  She decides she'd rather keep on living her own dream and do it her way instead!

It's a great story. And while some of us might counsel Lulu to go ahead and sell, turn around and launch a new venture on the strength of that sale (but that's another story...), we get the picture, right?? Fresh faced Lulu has no ennui, no sarcasm, no regrets. Just her passion for selling lemonade, meeting new people and having adventures.

How about you? Are you still feeling fresh about your passion? Do you still get excited about turning the lemons life sometimes throws at you into sweet lemonade? Would you still rather follow your dreams than stay miserable working for someone else's dream? Are you living your own dream yet?844493649609388_CFuBmKq0_c

Lots of big questions, I know. I realize none of it is easy, believe me. Just a few short years ago, I was there in The Waiting Place, too.

You know, like The Waiting Place in Dr. Seuss' Oh! The Places You'll Go! 

Also known as Purgatory.

Also known as "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, really I do!"...

You might even be waiting if you're running your own business. You might be playing small, avoiding opportunities to grow. You might just be afraid to grow. Growth means change and change can be icky and scary. I know. I get it.

time-for-a-career-changeBut here's my advice:

Grow anyway. Change anyway.

Change is going to happen, whether you like it or not. Whether you direct the flow or just let it happen to you. I guarantee it.

So why not put your Self in the driver's seat? Why not jump right in and push your Self to grow and change?

Make your own choices instead of letting the choices choose you. Make the decisions before the hard decisions chase you down. Make the changes before the changes happen to you, blindside you, throw you for a loop. Face those fears head on, my dear!followyourdreams

Is one of those fears stage fright?

Well, you know who to call for that! In fact, let me make it easy for you. Contact me today for your complimentary Business Confidence Analysis appointment. Let me show you how you can stop waiting and playing small. Let me help you kick start your growth. I really want you to succeed!