My NEW Be Your Self Playlist

This week, I thought it would be fun to share some of my fave inspirational, motivational, get-up-and-go songs with you.  I've linked the song titles to corresponding YouTube videos (not all of them are official music videos by the artists, but the tunes are there and sometimes the lyrics are, too).  Lyrics are worth looking up for great inspirational quotes, just Google them. =) 1) Reach, Gloria Estefan Motivational fodder for pushing beyond the limits, this was an official theme song for the 2008 Summer Olympics

2) Try to Fly, Eva Brand new music from a super talented songwriter and great friend of mine who creates her magic in Germany

3) Move On and Waiting for That Day , both by George Michael All about what goes on once a relationship is over and done with

4) Free , Bruised But Not Broken and Right to Be Wrong, all three by Joss Stone This hippie chick knows the real deal and knows just how to express it with her crazy hot soul music

5) Never Gonna Give Up and Brave, Jennifer Lopez I don't think either of these songs is well known but they both really hit the spot

6) Respect and Think, both by Aretha Franklin Enough said

7) Accept Me , Free Xone and What Have You Done for Me Lately, all three by Janet Jackson Love the dancing in the "Free Xone" video... "Love yourself" is a great line... And let's not forget one of the quintessential, classic Janet songs from her early days

8) Just Fine, Mary J. Blige THE way to rock the joy of being YOU

9) Express Yourself, Madonna "Don't go for second best, baby"... Words to live by

10) Strength, Courage & Wisdom, India.Arie Just the tip of the iceberg from this singer and her incredibly deep soul

11) King of Anything, Sara Bareilles "Who cares if you disagree?  You are NOT me!"... WOW!  This song must be everyone's theme song who decides to stop putting up with a controlling know-it-all... Here's the German word for that: Besserwisser (better-knower)

12) I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor The classic anthem of independence is MUST on this list

13) I'm A Survivor, Destiny's Child The modern update and antidote to Gloria's disco anthem

14) Shine, Estelle All about being her Self, this woman knows exactly who she is

15) Brand New Day, Sting A song for all the controllers, how great if they would actually take these words to heart!  Wait for Stevie Wonder to come out and play his harmonica around minute three

16) Hope, Shaggy "Never give up"... Super cool and inspiring tune by the man him Self

17) The Climb, Miley Cyrus I know, I know, what am I doing putting a kids' song on this list??... Just listen, it's really a great tune about pushing through

18) When You Believe, performed by the late Whitney Houston and Maria Carey (from Disney's The Prince of Egypt) Inspirational at its best, sung by two powerful divas

19) It's Not Right, But It's Okay and I Bow Out, both by the late Whitney Houston "I refuse to turn back"... "I'd rather be alone than unhappy"... That strength is so very KEY

20) Fighter, Soar and Beautiful, all three by Christina Aguilera The best way I can think of to finish off this list

Thanks for listening with me!  I hope this list:

1) made you smile 2) made you think 3) made you want to forward this to a friend. Why keep a good thing to yourself?

Have a great weekend!


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