Note to Self, Part II

Last week's repost of my original Note to Self got my wheels turning again... That Note gave it to me straight, lined out exactly what I needed to change in order to move forward and Holy CRAP Batman, did it ever motivate me!

The most amazing thing is that I've managed to accomplish ALL of those directives and MORE since I wrote it.

Of course now that I'm writing about taking action this month, how can I possibly resist the urge to write myself another bossypants note??

Right. I can't.

I'm glad we agree on that. Here goes:

Dear Me,

This Note is for you. It is intended to kick you in the behind and keep you moving forward, especially as the year winds to a close. You have been kicking butt all year long and I don't want you to lose momentum. So pay attention please. This is for your own good.

1) Sleep more. At night. Stop work at a reasonable hour, shut down the computer, put away the phone and read a little. Get some shut eye already! Like seven hours or more, at least a few nights a week. You KNOW this will do wonders for your EVERYthing. In addition, keep napping as needed. =)

2) Talk to more Artists about how you can help them -- online, on the phone and in person. Connect via conversations all over the place. Aim for at least ten conversations per week. Keep track and keep challenging yourself. Keep your mission to help as many Artists as possible right up front of mind.

3) Submit your articles to print magazines finally. You've been talking about doing this for almost a YEAR. Don't wait any longer. Submit at least two articles before the end of the year. Don't be chicken about it, either -- go BIG! Go Rolling Stone or go home!! 

4) Stay committed to the clean eating and fitness habits that you've worked so hard to implement. Mix up yoga and dance at least four times a week and take walks, too. You're paying attention and doing okay BUT you fall off the wagon too easily! Stay focused on feeling great, you know what to do.

5) Challenge yourself with onstage performance opportunities. Not just dance but SPEAKING and/or singing roles. You accomplished it once this year, why not try it again? It's always wonderifically fun!

One final challenge:

6) Launch your next project before the end of this year. You know the one... When you launch this one, it will be your SEVENTH offering. You've already launched six programs and/or services in the past year, that's fab! Add this one and your foundation will be SOLID. Best way to end the old year and start the new one EVER.

Okay, that's all I'm going to insist on for now. You got this.

Call the shots, girl!

All my love,
Your Fearless Ringleader Pam =)

© 2014 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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