Overnight Sensation


When I think about this word, I think of sudden changes, like an overnight sensation in the music biz or those cool scary Lego toys that emerge out of clumps of nothing to become amazing scary superheroes. Transformers! Transforming from nothing into something powerful, from useless into someone on a mission, from a clump into a force to be reckoned with.


Sounds kind of like me!

In this lifetime, I have watched my Self change so many times that I’ve often called my Self a Change Artist. I’ve changed from small town suburban girl to liberal downtown college woman to conservative uptown European wife and mother. Later, I morphed into an unemployed single mom stuck in a foreign land with little help and fewer prospects. Transformation occurred again when I made the big leap back across the Atlantic and played Mamma Bear, fighting for sole custody of my only cub (I won!).

Next, I pushed my Self into the role of confident Mommy with a confident daughter, bringing together and solidifying my experiences and talents of teaching, speaking and writing into a coaching career. Now, I am emerging as an expert Confidence Coach and helping as many people as possible build confidence and courage.

Overnight sensation? Hardly. Transformation? Definitely.


How so? Like this:

1) Transformation is a positive process. It implies growth, learning, improvement. It stems from hope, action, perseverance. I took the implications and the actions.

2) Transformation happens incrementally, as tiny steps towards a goal, taken day by day. I walked those tiny steps my Self, one tiny step at a time.

Maybe it looks effortless at the end of the day. But just like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, there’s a whole lot of prep that goes on before the final show!

True Confession: My secret weapon has always been pushing my Self to walk through the fire of my fear of the moment. Seriously.

Just take a look: Going away to school in a big city several states south of my home? Scary. Moving across the ocean to work in a foreign city where I didn’t know the language or a single soul just to live near my new boyfriend? Terrifying! Learning a new language? Scary. Leaving my marriage and my adopted home of almost two decades to become an expat in my own country? Oh so scary, no doubt about that. Fighting an international custody battle, wondering for three years whether my daughter would be taken away from me? THE single most terrifying thought ever (rivaled only by almost dying after bringing her into the world, that was pretty scary, yeah...). Jumping into a new career that finally aligns my purpose with my talents and experience? The BEST kind of scary!!!



That’s my story of challenges. But I don’t have to tell you that we all have our own scary challenges in life. We all walk through a lot of fires, by necessity if not by design. I’m willing to bet that if you look back on your life, you will notice some of your own transformations. Why not list them out? You might just find a pattern that could help you move forward in a way that serves you better than you might be moving now.

Take a look at where you are currently. What part of your life could benefit from a transformation? Your career? Your business? Your relationship? Your health and fitness? Your faith? Your friendships? Your passions? If you are anything like my Self and my clients, at least one of these areas could use a good make over!


Remember, it’s a process, not an event. And remember to be nice to your Self during your journey. You can be the best friend you will ever have.


*Originally published in Soulwoman Sanctuary Magazine, 2013


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