What's Your Plan?

Tell me, how did January go for you? Did you hop right onto your New Year's resolutions? Did you stick to your exercise plan? Did you get more rest like you promised your Self you would? Did you get any results? I'm not trying to annoy you, I promise! I am just here to give you an accountability moment with your coach. So tell me, how'd you do?


Not talking, are you.

Hhmmm... Well...okay, I'll start then.

My month went fairly well, until I got sidetracked by evil random mild and weird flu symptoms! Headache, stomachache. Stuffy nose, post nasal ick. Fine! Fit! Great! Oh god I have to stop this workout before I puke...Must.Lie.Down. Okay all better! Oh man, the flippy stomach thing is back again. Fine! Fit! Wonderful! Ohhhh headache again shhh... must sleep...

Seriously?? Anyone else go through this craziness? Enough already, right??

Well, in between all the flu weirdness life must go on. In the end, I did hit a few marks:

  • Taught two successful workshops on mastering stage fright and got great feedback.
  • Had five articles appear online, all in the span of about a week.
  • Booked new clients and gave more Spark Sessions.
  • Wrote another article and gave an interview for an upcoming issue of SoulWoman Sanctuary ezine.
  • Got my glam shots done and posted the results on my blog (have you seen them?...).
  • Found more than 800 peeps to like my FB page!
  • Worked out an average of four times per week, usually three of them P90X workouts and managed to shrink about one and a half sizes.
  • Decided to commit to a romantic relationship and said it out loud.
  • Kept my Success Jar promise to my Self, wrote down about 15 of my accomplishments for January and jarred them.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about the first month of the year. I'm on track.

Now it's time to talk about February. It's a new month! And it's a SHORT one. So what's your plan? You know, your P-L-A-N. The thing we end up with after we do the same thing. Plan the plan. Do you have one?

I'm not talking about what time you arrive at work or where you have to drive which kid to which practice after school. I'm talking about the plan to move you forward this year. The big picture. The moving parts and tiny baby steps that will take you outside of your comfort zone. Yeah, that plan.

If you do have one, yippee! You are on track to reaching your goals and succeeding at what you want to achieve.
If you don't have one, it's time. Don't you think it's time?
Want a simple solution? I can tell you what I do:

1) Use Evernote I LOVE Evernote. It's an app I use all the time. I have about a gajillion different notebooks in my Evernote. I use Evernote to dictate my writing, on my phone, in my car, while driving. Makes me feel like Jane Jetson. I LOVE it. You can also use Evernote to write down goals that you can look at anytime you pick up your phone. If you're anything like me, you pick up your phone about a gajillion times a day. So make a goals notebook, and start writing.

2) Try the Experts' secret Write your goals as if they are happening right now. Don't say, I wish I had a million dollars. Say, I am soooo happy and grateful that I have a million dollars! Why am I so blessed to have so much money all the time? It is so wonderful that I always have plenty of money to take care of my bills, my family and all the other things I want to do, have, buy and give. See the difference? Feel the difference.

3) Find your Self a calendar Cheap and easy: go to www.printfree.com, choose a template, then print out all 12 months. That way, you won't have to remember to go back and do this each and every month. Done.

4) Dig out some colored pencils, assign categories and get started At least deal with February, okay? If you're plotting your business plan, maybe you want to fill in marketing, networking, sales, admin, social media, customer service and other events. If you're making plans for your family or your personal life, maybe you want to highlight exercise, painting, gardening, meditation, study time, decluttering or perfecting your golf swing. It is totally up to you, this plan and its deets. Trust me though, use different colors for each category.

5) Pick different days and/or times for each category This has to depend on your existing schedule. Try to group similar activities together on the same day/time as much as possible to save you time.

6) Read your goals and review your plan daily or at least weekly Keep your eyes on the prize. This step is key for motivation. We all need fresh motivation every day, just like we need food for fuel.

Planning is really not all that hard, right? Right! You can totally do this.