Practicing thank-fullness

At the beginning of November, I picked up a thread on Facebook from my sister-in-law Justine (thanks, Justine!) that challenged everyone to post one thing we're grateful for every day until Thanksgiving.  Every day, I made sure I declared to the world (or at least to my tiny slice of the world on FB) what was making me feel grateful:  My daughter's confidence.  Friends.  A cup of coffee.  It didn't matter what it was, as long as it made me feel thankful and as long as I posted my thankfulness. Today, on the way to my 91-year-old grandfather's house for dinner, I realized something kind of cool (aside from the fact that my grandfather is still going strong at age 91, which is very seriously cool).

You know how so many people are talking about gratitude these days?  How like attracts like, so if we smile at people they will smile back at us?  How being thankful can bring more positive things into our lives that we can also be thankful for?

Well, I've read lots of those articles, listened to the audio downloads, read The Secret.  Practiced gratitude.  Practiced, practiced, practiced.  Looked for evidence that things were going my way, that the Law of Attraction was working for me.  I found little scraps here and there.  Sometimes I even saw big huge obvious signs that carrying a positive vibe around with me was doing me a whole lot more good than not.

I'm a coach, after all!  I have to be practically perfect at practicing this stuff, right??  Right.

And then BOOM!  I had a really, really, ridiculously crappy month of October.  Okay, back up, it wasn't catastrophic but jeez it was really annoyingly NOT good.  And I mean, on ALL fronts:  Financial, personal, health, family.  Just absolutely, completely, In. The. Crapper.

Did my best to put a smile on my face out in the world all month, but at home, I was totally Ms. Crankypants.  No matter how I sliced it, my life looked like one ginormous pile of dung.  Smelled like it, too.

Well, I knew that the only way to pull myself out of that morass was to focus on all of the positive aspects of my life.  I'd learned that skill very well from my Law of Attraction coach, Kristen Howe (who is quite amazing, by the way -- look up her Go Big! program and see for yourself) (Kristen, if you're reading this, you totally ROCK!).

But let me tell you something:  Pulling yourself somewhere is all well and good IF you can find a handle to grab onto.

Well, the end of October came and went.  No handle in sight.

Then, the beginning of November came and BAM!  There was that thread on FB asking me, challenging me, defying me to find something to be grateful for EVERY DAY for three weeks.

For eff's sake, I thought, I live in the U.S. of flipping A.  If I can't find one thing to be grateful for every day for twenty-something days, I ought to just pack up and move my sorry self to a tent on the Ganges.  See how grateful I am for my former cushy life then.  Hrmphff.

(Have I told you about Self-Righteous Sarah yet?  No??  She is very, very good friends with Negative Self-Talk Nellie and Lizard Brain Liz.  Say hello.)

Three weeks of gratitude, of thankfulness, once a day.  Guess what?  After a few days, my smile returned.  My real smile.  Then my crankypants just up and walked away!  No lie!

Then things really started happening.  I got more work, which meant I got more cash.  My car got healthy.  My own health improved.  My personal difficulties cleared up like haze burning off the water on a summer day.  Then, even more exciting stuff started happening.

I got a call from the artistic director at my local community theater, asking me to choreograph a show in February.  Yes!

I got an email from the education director at the same theater, asking me to teach ballroom dancing in January.  Yes!

I got another email from a very talented director/comedienne/marketing queen friend, asking me to choreograph a holiday flash mob dance.  Yes!

(Dancing keeps me sane and happy and interesting, gotta dance!)

I got an email from a woman named Nicole, asking me to join her running club.  Yes!

I got a call from someone helping me collect money owed to me, telling me he could help me resolve it, and he did.  Money in the bank yesterday.  Yes!

I got an email from the wonderful lawyer who helped me win custody of my daughter, telling me he can help me resolve some financial issues.  Yes!

I got wonderful news from my daughter's teacher at my parent-teacher conference:  Her grades are too high.  Yes!  A+ A+ A+ and a great teacher who is willing to challenge the heck out of her.  Yes!

Then came the biggest one of all, an email from a coach whom I respect and admire in so many ways, asking me to work with her.  YES!!!  This is a work in progress so I can't say more yet.  But even if the opportunity goes no further, I am still amazed and thrilled at the fact that she asked.

So, why am I telling you all of this??

Because I am living proof that it WORKS.

Filling myself up with gratitude, with thankfulness, totally and completely WORKED.


October: Meh.  Blech.  Arrrrggghh!  AAACCKKK!!! Negativity feeds on negativity.

November: Thankful.  Smile.  Grateful.  Yay!  Fun!  Yes!!!  WOW!!! The good stuff just keeps on building. How cool is that???

Here's my suggestion:

Give it a try. Take the challenge. Declare your gratitude each and every day from now until Christmas. Fill yourself up with thanks. Become thank-full. Practice thank-fullness. See what kind of magic happens in YOUR life.

Then send me a message and tell me all about it!