Quit Talking Dirt About Your Money: The Art of Money, Part 5

Why is everyone so down on money? Why do so many people talk dirt about it and the people who have it? Why do people who badmouth money think that money will want to have anything to do with them??

Part Five of my 2015 series, The Art of Money is all about how to quit badmouthing the very thing you want so badly to possess. I wrote a blog about this very topic last spring called 6 Ways to Get Your $$$ Out of the Toilet that also appeared in Holistic Fashionista magazine Issue #11 as "Respect Your Money". I'm sharing it with you here today:


April 4, 2014

Here's the thing. If you're going to be an Artist, you have to start treating your Art like a business. Your talent is your WEALTH. Your creativity has VALUE.

If you're starting to feel at all uncomfortable reading these words, then it's time for an attitude adjustment, my friend. Here's why: Your attitude about your value as an Artist and the value of what you create has everything ~ and I mean EVERYthing ~ to do with how much bank you make with your art.

Just imagine you were a lawyer. I know some lawyers who are actors, so work with me for a minute here. Just imagine. Okay so you've gone through law school. Before that, you had to get some mighty fine undergrad grades to even get into law school. Then, you passed the Bar. And now you work with clients on cases, in court, in negotiations and settlements.When people ask you what you do for a living, you say you're a lawyer. When people ask you how much you charge for your service, you tell them your hourly rate. It's that simple, right?

Okay so let's switch back to you, the Artist. 

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