Quit Talking Dirt About Your Day Job

You may have noticed that I was out and about this past weekend, hobnobbing with the glitterati of Cape Cod's theater and music scene... Haha we have a lot of fun here! 

And I LOVE that fact that opening night parties, singer/songwriter gigs and private dinner performances all equate with networking for me!

It's also the perfect opportunity for me to ask questions and listen to my peeps talk about what's going on and what they're working on.

Here's an interesting thing I learned in my travels this week:
Too many Artists talk DIRT about taking day jobs. Many even refuse to lower themselves to working at side jobs, choosing instead to go hungry and become... the starving artist stereotype. 


It truly stunned me to hear how many of my Artist friends actually think this way. I mean like, deer in the headlights stunned.

Let me ask you:
Are you working a side job (or two, or three) while you build your following, your fanbase and your sales as an Artist?

If you answer no to that question, tell me this: 
Are you having trouble paying your bills each month?
Are you having trouble landing paying gigs, selling your work?

If you answer yes to those questions, it's time to learn the value lesson, peeps!

Newsflash #1: 
The day job is only dreadful if you make it so. 

If you go through life with no plan and way more attitude than #artitude, OF COURSE your life looks like a lonely leaky drab and dreary attic flat with no heat! No #artitude and no exit strategy from the day job makes Joe Artist one depressed dude.

However, no cash in hand makes Joe Artist a stressed out, desperate dude. And heck, no cash in the bank is enough to send anyone over the edge.

Hence, the necessity for Joe Artist to make BANK. Regular, consistent BANK.

Newsflash #2:
Working a side/day job does NOT make you less of an Artist. Working a side/day job does NOT diminish your artistic integrity. Working a side/day job does NOT make you a failure or a sell out.

Here's what working a side/day job DOES for you:
1) Pads your bank account
2) Pays your bills
3) Relieves your stress
4) Frees your mind up to concentrate on your creative endeavors
5) Maybe even gives you a little FUN money, for like, VACATION!

Yes, a side/day job does take up some of your precious time. But hey, so does stressing out and complaining about your unpaid bills. So does lying awake at night, wondering whether you'll be able to keep your house, your car, your cat...

Yes, admittedly, working at a side/day job is likely a lot less exciting, fulfilling and interesting than working at your Art, your passion. 

However, until you are making a consistent living with your Art business, a side/day job is the perfect foil. It's like your straight man, your bank. It's your angel investor.

Quit talking dirt about it.

© 2014 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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