Radical Self Care

Recently, I've been reflecting on the phrase, RADICAL SELF CARE and thinking about how to best implement this idea into my life. Especially since I'm just about finished with all kinds of medical treatments for cervical cancer, I know I'll need to observe this concept very seriously this year. No swinging from the chandeliers for this gal (at least not until NYE)!!! lol

Seriously though. We over achievers all try to squeeze too much out of our limited energy reserves on any given day. During the holidays, we're even more determined to find that extra 25th hour in the day! Oh yes, I know you very well!

With this idea in mind, I found a blog of mine from four years ago that can help us all. I'm posting it here for your convenience!



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Hey there! I'm Ringleader Pam!

It's true that many years have seen many hats on my head, but one thread makes them all part of one unique collection: my passion for story.

More than 25 years of experience in writing and editing, public relations, sales and marketing, social media, networking, teaching, public speaking and yes, even dance and choreography fill this gal's cocktail shaker of a life -- definitely shaken, not stirred -- and give me the ability to serve up exactly what my clients need.

Whether it's written content, sales and PR/marketing help, confidence boosts, a great speech, accountability and mentoring or dance lessons for the movement shy, my glass-overflowing positivity, optimistic attitude and contagious enthusiasm for my clients' successes took many years of many tries and fails to cultivate -- a success story of my own that has thankfully won me thousands of admiring fans! Want more? Download your FREE report at www.pamelacwills.com today!