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Yes, 2016 has been quite the action packed collection of months. There were miles and miles of crazy ups and downs, twists and turns, peaks and valleys. Amiright??

Usually, I take time at the end of the year to give tips about how to manage holiday stress syndrome -- you are familiar with the symptoms, I'm sure. But this week, I just want to suggest that you take a few moments to congratulate yourself for surviving (and maybe even thriving in) the past tumultuous 11 months.

Once you've done that, might I also suggest that you take a further few moments to map your strategy for 2017? A big year lays ahead of us, with lots of impending changes, including a numerological shift from the past nine year cycle to the next, new nine year cycle.

Why is this important? Mainly these extra bits of information serve to give us clues about how we can manage the future, how we can find firm ground to stand on when the unknown rushes into our lives and how we can find success in our careers and relationships despite the unknown variables we inevitably must deal with.

That's why I use things like numerology and astrology. They help me to manage the unknown and give me that all important moto and inspo I crave so much.

Here's another way I'm prepping for the new year and new cycle: I am clearing out piles of clutter in my home office and renovating that space completely. And I am so excited about it! Clearing out clutter is one of my fave ways to get motivated.

Finally, my daily method of keeping myself motivated involves changing up my style. You may have seen my shorter, darker hairstyle recently. You may have also heard that I've put myself on an intermittent fasting program to reduce my sugar cravings. You may have also heard that I'm following my dance passion into all kinds of projects, including dancing the tango with my new friend Dr. Molly Sullivan for Cape Wellness Collaborative's Dancing with the Docs in March 2017! More on that later...

Meanwhile, tell me your fave ways of staying motivated and inspired, I'd love to hear all about it!

And meanwhile, ask me anything! I'd love to feature your questions on my Ask Ringleader Pam page! Just hit reply and ask away!

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