Sass is the Special Sauce

Yesterday, I was ruminating on how confidence is the secret ingredient and authenticity is key. Then, I wondered, how do we classify boldness? How does sass fit into our recipe for success?

Then it hit me.

Sass is the special sauce!

Sass is the courage, charisma and spice that gives your confidence and authenticity its own special flavor. It's the very thing that differentiates you from all the millions of others out there. It binds all the rest of the ingredients together into flavorful harmony. Sass is the final touch, the thing that people remember you for.

Just imagine: You have the confidence, but no authenticity. ICK! Then you're just a used car salesman!! Run away!!!!

Or, you have the authenticity, but no confidence. Can you say shrinking wallflower??

Or you have the sass, but not the rest, ouch!! Talk about obnoxious!!!

But put all three together and you have MAGIC. 

Yes, the recipe for marketing your #artbiz definitely has to include confidence (the secret ingredient), authenticity (the key, indispensable ingredient) and SASS *the special sauce* in order to succeed. 

Don't you agree?

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