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Wait, where are you going, don't go already! We haven't even started talking yet!

I know, I know you don't like social media, maybe you don't trust it, you think it's stupid, maybe you just don't get it. So, I promise to keep this short and sweet. If you're still not interested after 30 seconds, then aufwiedersehen, baby, it's cool. Deal? Good.

Do you dread going to your day job every day?

Do you love your art / music / writing / performing more than any other work that you could possibly do?

Would you do your creative work for free all day every day if you could?

Yeah, I thought so.

Here's the deal: If you want to work at dreary day jobs less, do your creative work more, and make money doing mostly the stuff you love to do, you're going to have to make some changes.

Yes, changes.

Today, I'm only going to push THREE changes on you. Here they are:

Change #1 DECIDE Is your art your hobby, or your business? Hobby... or business. What's it gonna be? Decide.

Are you a paper pusher or an Artist? Are you a receptionist or a Musician? Are you a teacher or an Author? What's it gonna be, baby? Who ARE you? DECIDE.

Change #2 ANNOUNCE Let's assume you decide you are an Artist of some sort. Awesometastic!

Congrats on digging deep, being honest with yourself and finding the courage to OWN it. Remember, the biggest difference between those famous Artists and you is that they, at some point in life, developed some major chutzpah. You can, too.

Courage and confidence just take practice. So practice! Tell people that you're an Artist. Tell them about your work. Invite them to your next gig. Tell them where to buy your latest book. Tell them why your latest show is gonna be a huge hit!

Oh wait, do you already have a promoter? A manager? An agent who does that shit for you? No?

Then guess what honey. If you want to make bank, you have to do the promoting yourSELF.

Go talk it up!!

Change #3 SOCIALIZE Have you noticed that everyone and their mother is using social media to promote themselves these days? Actors, singers, writers, artists and musicians are setting up profiles all over the place. Madonna has a HUGE following on Instagram. Beyonce recently debuted her latest iTunes "CD" on her Instagram account, skipped right OVER the whole live media circus and took it straight to her fans.

Oh wait, you don't have any fans online yet?

Well guess what, honey ~ you have to work at building your fan base online. You HAVE to get out there, see and be seen. Trust me, I'm not even a celeb and I've built up from nothing to 8000+ followers across my social media landscape over the past 18 months just by getting out there. You can do it, too!

Want to know the coolest part?

It's all FREE. That's right, just about every social media platform is zero cost, free online real estate. No membership payments. No cover charges. Just you and your fans.

Here's where I can help: I'm launching a 30 Day Challenge for Creative & Performing Artists ONLY, starting April 15th. How to Be a Social Media Rock Star will take you from zero to 100 in just 4 weeks. I'll be there holding your hand the whole time.

Let's do this.


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