Shake It Up


Here are a few ideas to help move and shake you out of that comfortably numb state we all slide into now and then… Try a few!

1) Get up on the opposite side of the bed

2) Brush your teeth with the other hand


3) Wear a different color than you usually do (shirt, earrings, lipstick, socks, even pj’s!)

4) Take a different route to work

5) Try a bite of something you’ve never eaten before


6) Look up a new word in the dictionary and use it in conversation as often as possible during the day

7) Have a salad for dinner if you normally eat meat and potatoes

8) Read instead of watching TV

9) Take a walk or do some other physical activity for 20 to 30 minutes WITHOUT music or TV or reading materials to distract you — give your mind some space to just BE

10) Call a friend — don’t use email or Facebook, call!


Do at least three of these things TODAY and see how you feel… pay attention, you might just come up with your next big idea. =)



1) Write a poem

2) Move your furniture around

3) Create a mind map (a free-form diagram) of something that’s on your mind or a project you want to complete

Good luck and have fun!