Why are you still hiding?

Okay, we all know that "resolution time" is upon us... BUT what does that really mean to you?

It's time to have a chat about your mindset at this point in the new year. You may think it's early, but we are already halfway through the first month of 2017! 

And let's be real: How long have you been trying to break out of the chorus and into a leading role?

It's been awhile now, amiright??

Look, I know you know how to do it all. You're a triple threat! You have the talent and the skills. So tell me, why are you still settling for a career that you're disappointed with?

In my experience, people hold themselves in undesirable patterns and situations for very specific reasons. Usually, those reasons live in your body at a deep subconscious level, which is where things get really tricky.

Let's be real again: the subconscious mind -- I call it the SubCon for short -- is a very tricky entity. It's like a toddler on a constant temper tantrum high. At least, mine is...

Look, it's not like your SubCon wants to hurt you. Quite the opposite. Your SubCon does everything it can to protect you. Take self-sabotage as a prime example. Any time you act in a way that sabotages your previous efforts, you're acting on direct orders from your SubCon to use that sabotage as a defense mechanism -- to help you avoid change at all costs.

Try this scenario on for size:
Your conscious mind says it wants nothing more than to get the chance at a solo or a lead role, but your sneaky SubCon is pulling the strings behind the scenes, keeping your goals just out of reach in order to protect you from certain death. I mean, soloing is scary! 

As long as your SubCon thinks you're safer in the shadows of the ensemble, then you're stuck. Your most valiant efforts will be undermined by self-sabotage Every. Single. Time.


I promise you, there IS a way to turn this thing around -- and it all starts with figuring out the reason WHY your SubCon is so convinced that hanging in the back row equals staying safe. Once you shine a big ole light on that reason, it will lose its power over you.

Are you ready to figure out your reason? Let's do this!

Do you believe... You don’t deserve it?

Has someone in your life made you believe that you aren’t worthy of success? Or that you're not "supposed to" be more successful than they are? Or that you haven't worked hard enough or long enough for your place in the spotlight yet?

Do you believe... Change is bad or scary?

Fear of the unknown could very well be the reason you’re not reaching your goal. Being comfortable with where you are today could be the reason that you sabotage your efforts to improve your career through change. It's time to bust out of your comfort zone and take some big giant steps forward, my dear!

Do you believe... Success causes loss and heartache?

If you actually met your career goals, would your newfound success cause resentment and jealousy in your friends and family? Are you supposed to be the ‘screw-up’?

Do you believe... You’re not capable?

Are you unable to imagine yourself in that leading role? Does the possibility of achieving your goal not seem real to you?

This weekend, spend some time digging deep into your fears around advancing your career. Do some journaling, meditating, sleeping, walking, yoga or all of the above to discover why you aren’t meeting your goals yet. Once your entire mind -- both the conscious AND the SubCon -- is ready and willing to achieve success, literally NO THING will be able to stop you.

What the mind believes, the body achieves.

Train your mind to focus on success instead of fears this "resolution season" so you can spend the rest of the year working on those boldass performing arts #careergoals!

Re-train your mind for success and keep focused on your goals everyday.

© 2017 Pamela C Wills, Int’l


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