Still Waiting for Your Big Break?

Are you still waiting for your big break to happen?

Dear Artists,

It's time for a little tough talk. If you're still wishing and hoping for your big break to drop into your lap, I'm afraid you'll be waiting a long time. Wishing and hoping are not very effective on their own, as I'm sure you'll agree.

If, however, you are taking action on promoting yourself and your art regularly, if you are working at your social media, if you are out and about networking and talking about your art LIKE A BUSINESS, then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Good for you!

If you're somewhere in between but feel prepared and ready to get started with treating your talent as your wealth, then you are on the right track, my friend! Applause, applause!

My newest program, Big Break Mentality for Artists with Attitude can help you make the big leap into really treating your art like a business. When you do finally start that process, you definitely need some help with BIG challenges like:

  • Getting your subconscious mind on the same page with your ambition and dreams to avoid spinning your wheels forever
  • Dealing with negativity, fears, regrets and doubts and learning how to turn them around every time they come up
  • Blowing the dust off your dreams and ramping up your positive outlook
  • Knowing you NEVER have to be scared again to promote yourself and your art
  • Creating a plan and taking consistent action

So juicy, right??

This program is totally for you if:

  • You don't believe you can make money from your talent
  • You regularly hear or say, "There's no money in this business"
  • You're tired of treating your creative work as just a hobby
  • You don't feel that confident talking about yourself as an actor / artist / writer / musician / dancer / designer etc.

It is my sincere intention to help you turn ALL of the above situations around so that you finally BELIEVE your talent has VALUE and you can totally make BANK from your art.

Class starts on Tuesday 9/9 and runs for four weeks, one hour each week. All classes will be recorded so you can download them and listen as often as you like for positive reinforcement.

Go grab your seat here now: BIG BREAK MENTALITY for Artists with Attitude

Start calling the shots!

Pamela C Wills
Ringleader of The Creative Revolution

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