Summer Fun

I can't believe it's already over!!! Summer just slid away on a wave here on Cape Cod this year. How is it that winter seems endless and summer so short?? *sigh*

Well, there are still technically three weeks left before autumn begins around here so you can bet I'll be taking advantage of that! Plus, a very good friend of mine named MJ reminded me tonight to make sure I'm taking my own advice and having some fun (thanks, girl!). I have to say, I do feel like I had some pretty fun times this summer. Here's the short list:

  • Kicked off summer with choreography for a rockin' production of Love is Blind: Music Inspired by Amy Winehouse at Cotuit Center for the Arts. Wow! That was some show, right guys??

  • Spent three glorious days doing absolutely NOTHING while my daughter visited family in Germany. So glorious! First day outfit: pajamas. Second day attire: pajamas. Third day uniform: PAJAMAS! Such. Utter. Bliss. Highly recommend!

  • Beach days! Splashed around (and lazed around) at our fave local sandy spots a couple of times. More on the horizon (we've still got three weeks, remember!)...

  • Spent some time out with my friends at the county fair, out to dinner, at a couple of gigs and parties. Music and dance, great conversations and even better company. And fabulous weather!

  • Experienced some amazing live theater and music, produced/directed/performed by many friends here on Cape Cod this summer. Gypsy! Evita! Godspell! Snow White & Rose Red! A Coupla White Chicks! Brazen Belles! Brazilian Festival! Cla da Bossa Nova! Choro das 3! The Rip It Ups! Stagedoor Canteen! Great job, everyone!!

  • Speaking of live music and the Rip It Ups, did you guys SEE my 14 yr old daughter just spontaneously jump onstage and play saxophone, totally IMPROV, no music no rehearsal, for TWO HOURS at Cotuit Arts Center's Entertainment Tonight fundraiser event on August 7th?? Holy WOW!! Now THAT was fun to watch!!! Great job, Celia!

  • Choreographed and co-directed our brand new show, Pretty World: Songs by the Fab Ladies of the 60s to a sold out audience at the Dan'l Webster Inn! Our new joint venture, Cotuit on the Road debuted its very first production and the ladies knocked it right outta the park! We've already been asked to play it again later this fall. So proud!

  • Oh hey, I taught dance classes to the Cape Cod Child Development camp kids at Cotuit Arts Center for six Fridays this summer, that was a blast! Get this, I learned the Nae Nae! Or maybe it's called the Whip... Haha whatever it's called, during free dance time, the kids taught me some serious moves. #funtimes

  • Taught another dance class last week to a group of highly motivated bridesmaids, what a trip! We worked hard for two hours on a sweaty weekend afternoon and got the whole entire dance DOWN -- to Uptown Funk, FOUR minutes long! They've asked me to join them at the reception so now WE are going to perform for the groom and guests at the party next month! Must find a dress to wear..

  • Took some dance classes myself this summer, ballet and hip hop, loved it ALL!

  • Watched my Modern Business Plan Mastermind clients Amy Mason, Joan McDonald and Lenore Lyons launch their creative dreams into fabulous reality this summer! This process was so completely satisfying! These three Artists have been nurturing their dreams for years and now, they are unfurling the fruits of their labors for the rest of us to admire and enjoy. You can see all of them right here on Cape Cod:
    • Amy Mason and her fabric designs at her studio, deepBlue on Rte 6A in Dennis Village;
    • Joan McDonald launches her ceramic and clay designs at the next LoveLiveLocal festival at Aselton Park in Hyannis this Sunday, August 30th; and
    • Lenore Lyons with her Key Idea(tm) community art project all over Cape Cod and her exhibit at Cotuit Center for the Arts, opening October 10th.
    • #soproud #myclientsrock

Yeah, that's my short list for the past ten weeks. =)

How about you? Are you living a life you love filled with creative passion? No?? 
Let me show you how it's done!

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