Three Peas in a Pod

Over the past few days, I've talked with a bunch of friends and clients about creativity, business and change. A lot of the conversations revolved around one or two of those concepts, but rarely did they orbit in a simultaneous, positive direction.

That kinda made me go, Hhhmmm...

Kind of like, these three things do not go together. Creativity, separate entity. Business, totally separate entity. Change, yeah well, it happens. One of these things is not like the other to most Artists.

But, as an entrepreneur, I've experienced firsthand that those three words -- creativity, business, change -- are practically interchangeable! 

So, what's really going on here??

I mean, these are all smart, exceptionally talented Artists with tons of creative juice. It's not like they are holding it in or holding it back, they are actually practicing their crafts, without exception. A couple are even practicing their craft full time. 

So what's the catch?

Something is holding them back from truly succeeding and satisfying their goals and ambitions, either monetarily or creatively. Or both. Like so many Artists.

So what is that something?

In my conversations with Artists, their reasons are often just varied examples oflife happens. Family obligations, time management, financial constraints all play big roles in the why nots. But those are temporary. They mostly ebb and flow.

Other times, the reasons go deeper. For example, many Artists dread the whole idea of doing business. Of selling their work. It's as if promoting their art -- telling people about it instead of waiting to be discovered -- somehow makes it less valid.

Of course, you and I both know that's BULLfeathers. If you don't promote and sell your work, you will always be the quintessential starving artist. Who has time for THAT shit??

NOT us.

Another reason involves the idea of valuing yourself and your work. Putting a price on your creativity is NOT cheesy nor slimy, it's how you make a living with your talent. Right??

Listen, you have a product, your work. You charge for that product. You charge what you're WORTH. You do NOT charge what you THINK people MIGHT be willing to pay. No no no! That is not how we do business! 

Once you start going down that rabbit hole, once you start believing that sneaky little snarky voice that tells you everything you really don't want to hear from every imaginary judgmental Judy you've never even met, you're finished. Kaput.

Creativity and talent have VALUE. Your skills and experience have VALUE. Your time has VALUE. Add it all up. There's your price. Ask for it. You will get what you ask for, one way or another.

Another reason I hear is that change, or the very idea of change, is too scary. We fear the unknown more than we fear any situation we already live with. We can really get used to anything. Which is why so many Artists sit at desks every day, working at day jobs and even careers that bring no joy. Days drift by in wisps of gray after gray. For many Artists, it's hard to even think of the day job as the banker, the investor, the silent money partner in our business. For many Artists, the day job is slavery, no more, no less.

You know I have a newsflash for you:

If you want to be somewhere other than where you are, doing something other than what you're doing, you are going to have to change some things.

Pretty simple.

Creativity, business, change. Three peas in a pod.

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