Time to Refresh EVERYthing!


Who's with me??

After such a long, snowbound, cramped and crabby winter season, I feel like doing a jig in all this bluesky sunshine!! 

Seriously! It's amazing what the fresh, spring air and bright sunny sunshine does for the mind and mood. Clears out all the dusty shadows. Unlocks all the creative thrummmm. Refreshes all those lofty goals we set a few months ago. The Resolutions. Remember those?...

Yeah well, winter sucks. So. Whatever.

Now is now.

This week, I decided to dust off my plans for 2015 and beyond. Took a look at my progress through the first quarter of the year, like any good CEO worth any salt would do. They call this a Quarterly Review in corporate circles, I've heard...

So let's do our very own Quarterly Review! Who's with me??

First things first. 

1) Income.

Have you made any money from your creative pursuits in 2015? List them. How much did you make? What for? Who paid it? Make a list.

2) Expenses

What were your related expenses? Did you buy a new guitar? Did you travel to a gig? Did you buy a bunch of new canvases and brushes? What did you spend your business dollars on? Make another list.

3) Marketing

What did you market and promote? Were your efforts successful? What could you do better in the next quarter? Do you need more help in this area? Make some bullet points. Figure out your plan going forward.

4) Projections

Business types like to use this word instead of the regular word, predictions. Um, yeah, it's the same thing. So. Can you predict your income and expenses for the rest of 2015? Can you predict (or project) what you need to make in order to break even? Set up a simple income and expenses sheet and see what the big picture looks like. Then you will know where you need to step up your efforts.

5) Plans & Goals

This is the fun part, in my opinion. This is where you get to expand on all the rest of these refreshers and figure out how you can move your creative business into the next phase. How can you expand your income opportunities? How can you improve your marketing plan? What is your budget for the rest of the year? Who do you want to collaborate with? These are all just examples of the many wonderful plans you can make and goals you can set. The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless!

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