Top Ten Things I've Learned

You guys, you wouldn’t believe how many silver linings to this process of healing I’ve discovered! I’m just amazed every day by the deep things I’m learning and experiencing. So many of you have been so incredibly supportive that I decided to share a few gems:

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Being Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer:

1) Chemo is icky!! There are different kinds of chemo drugs that mess with different things like your taste buds, your stomach, your head, your nerves, your hearing and even your ability to concentrate. Getting it every week intensifies all of that. But the chemo nurses ROCK. We are so lucky to have this level of care right here on Cape.

2) Radiation doesn’t hurt while the laser is pointed at you. It hurts when you try to do otherwise normal things, like digest and eliminate... 😝 It’s also like an instant sleeping spell! Getting radiation every day plus simultaneous weekly chemo is the magic formula for success in my case, and also for lots of sleep and meditation time 😴 BTW the radiation therapists at CCH also rock!!

3) Denial is a most useful tool. 

4) Positivity is even more than useful - it’s essential to healing and thriving. Using denial to stay in a positive mindset will get you through the roughest of patches.

5) Asking questions all the time of everyone who might know the answer is the best way to feel confident about things like treatment protocols, side effects, insurance, etc.

6) Sifting through answers to your questions and weighing their pros and cons to determine your own best course of action is one good way to deal with a challenge like mine. Bouncing ideas off trusted loved ones is even better.

7) Unexpected people will judge you in unexpected ways for the most unexpected things, yes even when you’re down and out. Don’t let them rattle you, because it’s more about them and their own issues than anything else. Focus instead on healing yourself. And on #8.

8) Unexpected people will support you in the most unexpected ways - if you let them. Their caring will lift you out of your darkest moments when you most need the lift.

9) When you manage to get yourself dressed - hair and makeup included - and go out to be among humans, people will be surprised when you don’t look or act like a sick person. With reason, because cancer is a bitch that affects everyone differently. Tip: When they exclaim with confusion how great you look, just tell them it must be thanks to all that extra sleep you’ve been getting (see #2).

10) Asking for help is really really hard. Asking for financial help is really really waaaayy harder, because, well, see #7 and #9. Some people won’t want to understand your reasons for asking. Best to concentrate on the people who do, and be thankful for every little drop in the bucket. 

Here’s the thing: Gratitude is my most invaluable daily go-to mindset, now more than ever. It’s the main thing pulling me through this long dark tunnel. Thanks to all of you who have held bright candles for me in that tunnel and contributed in some way, we’d be lost without you!! If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late - please consider helping us reach our goal by Christmas. Every dollar counts! 

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