Total Whirlwind Week!

This week was a total whirlwind!  Time just flew by while I jumped from new client sessions, an incredible top academic award for my daughter at the end of her 5th grade year and hours of choreography to amazing support from my own coach Ingrid Geronimo (she really is as awesome as her name!) and the beginnings of what could be our first heat wave on Cape Cod this summer (YAY!  Summer has finally arrived!). After this kind of week, I am really looking forward to some time at the beach this weekend... thankfully, there's a beautiful beach right down the road!  I also hope to find a few minutes to relax and meditate, to find my calm center before I hit the start of another crazy busy week on Monday.

How about you?  How do you stay calm and centered during really busy or really stressful times?  I would love to hear about your solutions.  Hit reply and let me know!