Totally Geeked Out

For some reason, I have been totally geeking out lately on ways to systematize and streamline my business tasks. As a creative solopreneur, it's always crucial to find ways to make things work more efficiently! I mean, there's only so much I can give to the interns, you feel me??

For instance, I've FINALLY found what I think may be the absolute PERfect task management app on the planet. I've been looking for an app to keep my projects organized for months but have yeet to find the right fit. This one, I will admit does have a crappy name but, oh well at least it does what I need it to do!!! Check out KanBanFlow and see what I mean... I believe it's going to get me even MORE organized for the upcoming growth I see on the horizon here at The Creative Revolution!

Also, I'm kinda digging the app I found out about thru my bestie Angel Quintana, CEO of Holistic Fashionista called All you do is plug in the URL of any website you want to get dirt on and BAM! the app serves you up data like there's no tomorrow. Thanks to Angel and her Academy tutorials for getting me all excited about competitive analyses!! (If your interest is piqued, check her FREE sample course here).

Okay here's another one I love, Google Calendar!! I know, maybe it's old news but wow can it ever make a difference! The creative team and performers at Brave Horse Music (where I'm the Resident Choreographer) got on board this platform and it saves soooo much time trying to schedule everyone via email. Best thing ever.

One more fave geek toy is Evernote, have you tried it yet?? OMG I've been touting its virtues for years now and it just keeps on getting better! You can set reminders, make notes, pin images, even voice record your blogs or notes and BAM you're all set. Then when you have time on your laptop or desktop, you can just open it up there and work on your shit. FAB.

Told you! Totally geeked out. 

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