Watch the Money Roll In

Planning to sell your stuff is not rocket science. Sure, there are tons of detailed methods of calculating your analytics, processing your numbers and gathering metric tons of info, all valid and useful. But even if you're not so sure how to dig into all of those statistics, you can still make a plan and start selling, I promise!

Here's what you need to do:

1) Decide what you're selling.

2) Decide who you're selling it TO.

3) Make what you're selling easy to understand and pretty to look at.

4) Make what you're selling easy to PURCHASE

5) Talk about what you're selling ALL. THE. TIME.

6) Share what you're selling all over the place, online and offline.

7) Watch the money roll in!

Need someone to walk you through these steps? I'm your gal! Contact me ASAP and we will get rolling!

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