We are Halfway Thru 2014!

Wow that went by fast! I'll admit, I've been feeling a nagging sense of something important about to happen, but I didn't realize until this morning what it is ~ it's almost the end of June. And more importantly, it's almost the mid point of the year!!

Even though I feel pretty confident about all the good stuff I've accomplished in the first half of this year, I DEFinitely have more to do before the year's over. *breathes into paper bag to quell hyperventilation symptoms*

Hahaha just kidding.

Seriously, though, I still have a TON of stuff I want to accomplish by the end of December. So I made myself a list, like I always do. Yeah so I'm a little nerdy and OCD. So what.

Just in case you're feeling a little nerdy OCD with me, here's my list of Big Picture Mid Year Stuff To DO ~ maybe it will help you get your projects and goals for the rest of the year in order, too:


1) Review your accomplishments so far this year

This exercise takes a few minutes but is totally worth the time and effort. By the time you're done, you'll have a good long list of great stuff to feel proud of. At the end of the year, you will really enjoy reviewing this list. Trust me on that.

2) Give yourself a pat on the back

Or a piece of chocolate. Or book yourself a massage! Whatever you do, be sure to reward yourself. You’ve earned it.

3) Take stock of the goals you set out to achieve this year but haven't yet reached 

No need to spend quite as long on this list... but write down the ones that you still feel are important and are still undone.

4) Use the Rule of Three

Decide on your three biggest/most important projects for this year (no more than three) and list a maximum of three goals that you want to achieve for each project before the end of 2014. Make three lists of three, MAX.

5) Recommit

Rededicate yourself to working on those goals with as much gusto as possible between today and December 31st, 2014.

Once you work your way through this list, I guarantee you will feel totally energized and excited about the rest of this year! 

Trust me, this really works. It's all about how you react to situations. You can still finish strong. 

So, what's it gonna be? How are you going to finish strong this year?

Need help? Contact me. Let's do this.

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