It's taken almost two weeks for the news to sink into my still slightly addled brain but, it's all true -- we did it!! 

My 56-day treatment protocol to cure me of cervical cancer ended on November 28th. Two weeks later, at my first follow up appointment in Boston, my doctor told me that I am finished with treatments! And furthermore said that I am, quote, "disease free unless proven otherwise"!!

Like I said, it's been almost two weeks since I heard that and, well, I guess I must still be in denial that I had cervical cancer AT ALL because all I can think is OF COURSE I'M DISEASE FREE!! I mean, I've always been pretty healthy and the only pills I take are vitamins and supplements. This temporary challenge was always just that in my mind -- temporary.

Thankfully, I didn't have to go through this challenge alone. From the very first moment, when I got the diagnosis call back on August 2nd, I already had amazing support. On that day, I just happened to be surrounded by my daughter and two strong friends who all knew just how to keep my spirits up. In fact, one friend poured me a shot of vodka to steady my nerves and toast my upcoming adventure. What an awesome display of denial to start with, right?? 

Well, based on conversation from that hour or so of immediate support, I decided to go public with my challenge throughout my whole ordeal, while at the same time remaining deep in denial of its veracity, of course. Quite the balancing act, I tell you that much.

To be honest, I am so incredibly glad I made that decision! I cannot imagine how much more difficult my ordeal would have been if I hadn't gone public and remained silent. I cannot imagine going through something like this alone, without support. I cannot imagine what kind of dark and despairing place I would be in right now. I cannot imagine how deeply that kind of solitary struggle would have affected my family and me.

Thankfully, I don't have to imagine all that because the results of my public sharing speak for themselves. WE DID IT!! All of your prayers, messages, gifts, visits, comments, calls, donations, hugs, jokes, good juju and so much more helped to cure my illness and made this process so much more than bearable — I’d even call it joyful!

Yes! It's so true that thanks to you, the past few months became a joyful time for me when it might have been the exact opposite. You gave me hope, strength, energy, confidence, laughter and a whole lot of appreciation that I might not have ever felt otherwise.

In fact, I’m sure many of us never get the chance to feel the force of so much collective love and support in such a short time. While I would never wish a challenge like this one on any person ever, I do hope you get a chance to feel the power of love that I have recently felt. 

During this holiday season and well into next year, I wish more than anything that you feel the love and joy of being appreciated by your friends, family, coworkers and strangers. I'm sure there's no reason to get sick to experience this!! Maybe all it takes is taking a moment to recognize the love, savor the moment and store the good feelings in your heart. 

Meanwhile, please know that I truly appreciate you! Thank you so much for reading my stories and connecting with me here and elsewhere. I'm looking forward to giving you even more next year, so stay tuned! May your holidays be merry, bright and filled to the brim with joy, love and appreciation! 

xo Ringleader Pam


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Thank you!!

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