What Comes First, the Press Release or the Event?

I get this question a LOT. And related questions like, how long before my event do I need to submit a press release to the media? How much information should I include? Do they need pictures? Who should I give as a contact?

These are all great questions! Press releases are very important tools for getting your name and creative work out into the world. Plus, they are a terrific way to start gathering some free exposure for your brand. Most media outlets need content all the time, so if you send a well written release that hits all the marks, you're super likely to get some press!

I get these questions so often that I decided to kick off a series of posts to start answering some of them for you. Like this first one about which comes first, the press release or the event?

Answer: The Press Release, of course!

Okay, I know that you actually have to create the event and secure the details, etc blah blah but yeah, that press release HAS to go out at LEAST two weeks in advance of your event. And that is cutting it very close, my friend!

But wait a minute, I hear you protesting (yes, I can actually hear you protesting) -- newspapers don't need that kind of lead time, do they??

That is true. Newspapers often work on a very short lead time. You can generally submit your event to the newspapers' event section from week to week.

But that is only one source of media attention for your event, and it's likely to be crowded with loads of other events, all clamoring for the same attention, often from the same target audience and even sometimes on the same date.

That's a drag, I know.

Here's how you remedy that sucky situation:

1) Send the press release earlier. Like way earlier. Like four to six or even EIGHT weeks in advance of your event.

2) Send the release MORE THAN ONCE. Yes! The very same release. Get it in front of those editors and writers as often as you can before your event, even once a week. Eventually, they will sit up and take notice! They might even call and ask you for an interview!

Also, please make sure you write a decent piece of copy. That way, the media people don't have to do any work to include your info and they LOVE it when they can just copy and paste a juicy piece of news, espESH when it's about a supercool multitalented Artist like yourself!

Need more tips and advice about how to work some PR magic? Stay tuned for more next week! Or, 
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