What's Your Big WHY?

Last week, I pushed your buttons about what you want and making decisions on that. I love pushing buttons. ;)

This week, I want you to think hard about your WHY. Last week was WHAT. This week is WHY. Why? Because your WHY is the glue, the force, the motivator that keeps you going. The carrot on the stick. The reason behind all your blood sweat and tears.

So. What's your WHY?

Dig deep into your big life moments to tap into this motivational magic, peeps. Think back to what got you started on your WHAT in the first place. Ask yourself questions like these:


  • Did I make a vow to stop or start something after a difficult phase or situation?
  • Did I make a promise to myself or someone special to continue or build a legacy, a lasting testament to something?
  • Do I want to follow or become a role model for a special person or group of people?
  • Do I want to make big changes in the world, make a difference?
  • Do I want to help others overcome challenges that I have succeeded in overcoming myself?

The answers to these questions are the roadmap to establishing your WHY. You may even find that your WHY is a juicy cocktail of several answers.

For example, my WHY is simple: My daughter. As a single mom, for her I'm IT. So my answers to ALL of these questions all point to one superimportant WHY for me, and that's her, her confidence, her future. As long as I'm striving to make good for her, all is good in my world. So that's my story.

What's yours?

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