What's YOUR Story?

Seems to me we spend a lot of time here talking about ME and MY stuff.  Entirely too much time, if you ask me! Oh wait, that would be talking about me again, lol

Seriously though, I really want to know more about YOU.  What drives you crazy.  What makes you angry.  What scares you, frustrates you, confuses you.  What keeps you awake at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering how on Earth you'll make it through another day mired in that pile of crap that's been passing for your life lately.  Listen, you can't hide it from me, I KNOW what's going on honey, I've BEEN where you are right now.  That is exactly why we are here talking together, right now.

And know this:  As your Confidence Coach, YOUR stuff is what matters MOST to me.

So tell me.  What's going on?

Have you lost track of you?

Do you ever take time out for your Self, ever??

Who and what do you see when you look in the mirror these days?  Do you like what you see?

Do you feel like you can learn and achieve new things, like a language or a half marathon or even a totally new profession?

Or do you feel stuck in a pile of quicksand, no branch in sight?

What are your personal goals for the final weeks of 2012?  How about next year?  Do you have any?

Who do you talk to when you need to vent and let go of some of the pressure building up in your chest?

Do you carry a heavy feeling of dullness around on your shoulders/back/head?

When was the last time you had a GNO?  That's G. N. O.  (girls' night out, honey) (ok, dust off your cell phone, it's time to start dialing!!!)

Do you and your partner still flirt with each other?  I'm not asking for any details, I'm just sayin'.  Flirting.  Remember flirting?

Do you still feel pretty, beautiful or dare I ask, sexy sometimes?  If not, why not?  Where did your sizzle go?

Can you remember the last time you went out dancing?  I am not talking about Aunt Joan's wedding reception with Husband #3, I'm talking SEQUINS and SMOKY EYES and SWEAT!!  Do you still know how to rock that wristband??  Do you still have a PhD in advanced body movement??

Excuse me, I digress...

But it's not such a very far-off digression.  What I want to know is, are you having fun yet??

Or are you going through the motions, busy and exhausted, out of touch with your heart and soul?

When are you going to start really living?

Don't waste any more precious time.  Call me.  Let's do this.

------------------- About Pamela

As your Confidence Coach, I strive to help you grow your courage, build your confidence and tap your innate charisma.  You need to work with me If you:

- don't know how to use your own voice anymore - used to feel like you could do anything - wonder why no one listens to you - feel invisible most of the time - don't have a plan for your future - can't even imagine your way into next week - wonder when your goals disappeared like that - feel all bottled up like wine with a dry cork - wish you could just run away some days - hate living in an emotional battlefield or wasteland - can't remember the last time you felt good about yourself - don't know when someone last complimented you on anything - feel as if flirting was something you did in another lifetime - don't remember how to have fun - This list goes on and on, doesn't it?...

I know what it's like and how to help because the same thing happened to me.  Now that I have successfully gained courage, built confidence and tapped my own charisma, I can also guide YOU through the steps it takes to succeed and SIZZLE.  Book your SPARK Session with me today.  Email me directly at Pamela@ElasticityCoaching.com or visit my website at www.PamelaWills.com.  Let's talk.