When Freedom Feels Empty

Below, I'm sharing the words I started writing earlier, before I heard about the truck driver who plowed through dozens of people enjoying Bastille Day celebrations on the promenade in Nice, France. Independence Day celebrations. Happy celebrations commemorating the beginnings of French freedom from tyranny.

I'd started writing them to try and make sense of all the violence that's been happening this year, both at home and abroad. I'd wanted to find a positive spin and talk about how freedom is all about what we do with it...

Then I saw my teenage daughter's distraught expression when she found out about the event and she asked me, WHAT CAN WE DO?? 

A few days ago, she arrived home from a two week visit to her family in Germany. It was the longest time we'd been apart in her young life. 

Thank god it wasn't longer.

All I could say to her was, keep spreading the love. That was the only answer I had for her.

Do you have another?

My earlier words follow, but somehow they seem empty tonight...


Lately, it feels like the weight of so many tragic events -- both at home and abroad -- are wringing out toxic thoughts, words and deeds from deep within our consciousness. Sometimes, the results are ugly. Yet other times, we might take a moment to consider. 

Consider what freedom means to you, specifically to you and your values.

If you're reading this newsletter today, you are likely to have the good fortune and freedom to stop and consider. 

As a free person, free to be who you are and do what you do, are you being and doing that?

As a person who enjoys the privilege of free speech, do you exercise that right and speak up for what you believe in? Do you speak out when you feel that something is not right? Do you debate and argue passionately for the things and people that matter to you?

Are you using your social media platforms to engage others to discuss, to consider? Are you tolerating viciousness by remaining silent? Are you judging others who don't tolerate as you do?

We cannot change everything in the world all at once, that's true. But together, if we choose our thoughts and our words carefully and with love, we can move many many mountains. 

In the words of one of our greatest living poets, "love is love is love" -- Lin Manuel Miranda

How are you pursuing your right to independence? 

If we are not making the most of our freedom, are we truly free? 

What are you DOING with your freedom?

Maybe it's time you start waving your own flag, start planning your own revolution.

© 2016 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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