Whistle While You Work

Supposedly, this phrase's origins come from slave days in the US, when kitchens were separate from the rest of the house as they posed fire hazards. In an effort to keep the help from eating the food of the family and their guests while they carried it in from the kitchen, they were actually required to whistle. Yikes that is horrible!

Well, I never knew that. How strange and wonderful that it has developed a more positive image in the meantime, right? I mean, those seven dwarfs really knew how to keep smiling while they slaved away in those diamond mines. Whew.

How about you? Do you have a way to stay positive throughout your work day? Are you working at something that you love enough to keep you smiling even when the going gets rough?

If not, I can help. Here are a few of my fave ways to stay happy like those seven dwarfs while working at your job:

1) Be thankful
Good thing you have this job so you can pay all your bills comfortably, right?? It might not be your dream job but at least it's keeping you afloat. 

2) Be a complaint free zone
Complaints are lame. Complaining is lame. Complainers are lame. Enough said.

3) Be nice to yourself
So what if you make a mistake once in awhile? That certainly does not make you Dopey, it just makes you human. Practically perfect is more than enough, no worries.

4) Accept love and attention when it comes your way
Being bashful never helps you win fans. Humble is one thing; invisible is quite another. Accept compliments with a gracious thank you. 

5) Wake up
Sleeping through life is for Sleepy, not for you. Grab life by the collar and seize the day. You can sleep when you're dead!

6) Stop being so grumpy
Maybe it's cute on a Disney dwarf but let's be real, grumpy is just not attractive. Show your inner grump to the door.

7) Smile MORE
I know I say this all the time but, it really does work! Be like Happy and you'll be, well, happy!

Need more help getting happy with your work? Message me for a complimentary chat and I'll be more than happy to share more tips with you!

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