Who are you?


Clearly, I already know your name, so that is NOT the answer to my question.

The answer to my question starts with another question, one that you ask yourself: Who am I?

Sounds redundant, but once you ask, you'll start to see the value in it.

Who am I? of course is THE question that every performer asks herself on a regular basis. We get onstage, we play our part, we take our bows and go home.

But ask yourself again once you're offstage, at home, alone, without an audience. Who am I?

Disclaimer: I'm not asking you this question for the sheer torture factor of it.

Listen, if you want to succeed with your talent, you have to present a cohesive brand to the world. You have to start matching your badass onstage persona to your offstage personality and vice versa. You can't expect to impress people on a publicity tour if you don't really show up as YOU. You are the face of your own brand. It's all YOU. 

So, who are you?

Are you tall or small? Are you shy or outgoing? Can you speak in public as yourself or do you have to be in character in order to not fall down dead of stage fright? Do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? 

Are you willing and able to stand in your authenticity as a person, as well as a performer? Do you have the guts to reach for that glory?

Being totally, completely, authentically YOU is one of the most glorious parts you will ever play. Don't pass on that one.

If you're finding it challenging finding your true self under all the roles you play, all the hats you wear, all the jobs you juggle -- try this exercise on for size. I give this gem to most of my private clients when we first start working together.

Try it:
Get a pen and paper (old school) or use your fave app and jot down 200 things about yourself, in no particular order. Don't stop when you get to 50, keep going!! I promise you, even if you hit pause and get back to it later, this will be the exercise that helps you define your edges. 

Once you're done, you can get on with the business of being YOU.

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