Who Said That?

Who says you have to starve just because you're creative??

Who told you that artists have to starve by definition? Was it your mother? Was it your teacher? Who put that false and incredibly damaging idea in your head??

You know what -- it doesn't even matter where the idea came from. It's just an idea.


Just like any other myth, the starving artist myth persists when we believe in it. Water it, feed it, care for it, talk about it, focus on it and I guarantee you, it will grow and persist. Just like Audrey II, the scary alien bloodthirsty plant in Little Shop of Horrors grew to disproportionate unruly size, remember him?? Yeah, like that.

But the sooner you stop believing in the pervasive and perverted myth that creativity equals poverty, the sooner you will start making money with your talent. You will see that equation flip around to something more like creativity = abundance!

Here's what I believe: Creative professionals have every right to make money -- just like any other professional in the world. Creativity does not have to equal poverty. That's just BULLFEATHERS!

Why should we Artists -- who collectively bring so much beauty, joy, perspective, introspection, reflection, entertainment and so much more to the rest of the population -- go along with the assumption that we are somehow not worthy of bringing home a fabulous regular income?? I mean, where did that idea come from??

Here's what I think: I think we Artists collectively let our Scarcity Monsters take advantage of our fears and doubts. I think we let them take away our financial power when we weren't paying attention to our finances. I think we just didn't care enough about the money because we were so engrossed in our art.

Hey, that's why we're so talented, right? Focused at the expense of everything else.

Well, now that we've got our talent good and solid, I propose we stage a comeback. A takeback. A takeover. A REVOLUTION, if you will.

It starts right here, right now. All you have to do is decide. Starve?... or THRIVE! I promise you, it is totally up to YOU.

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There's your motivation for the week. Use it or lose it! ;-)

© 2015 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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