What Are You Working On?

It's the big question on everyone's lips these days, especially at this time of year: What are you working on? What's your newest project? What's cooking in the studio? What shows do you have coming up? What's the buzz, tell me what's happening!

I'm sure you've heard it, too.

For me, those questions illustrate what I consider the REAL "most wonderful time of the year", when we're all thinking about clearing the slate, starting fresh and planning for success. Why not? With one year ending and another beginning, it's the perfect set up for setting things up.

Here's the thing, I don't buy into all that cynical negative hogwash about how no one ever achieves their New Year's resolutions so why bother. Ugh, what utter lame-osity. I mean, talk about making it easy on yourself so you can just sit back and give up! I mean, why bother striving for your dreams if you're never going to reach them anyway?? Ugh!... What an utter crock! 

That is NOT how WE roll. No thank you. Here at The Creative Revolution, we are ALL about making dreams into reality, creating capital with our talents and making a real living with those talents. Right?? Right!!

For sure, working on our dreams takes some real doing. It's a process of taking action, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, repeat, repeat, repeat. Right?? Right.

So when you think about what you're working on, think about it this way: It's all about taking action.

What are you taking action on right now? What projects are on your plate? Are you a plate spinning juggler like me? Or do you prefer working on one project at a time?

No matter your method, your goal just needs to be taking action. Every day. Just like Elvis sings in his hit song, "every day I write the book".

As an exercise in leading by example, I'm showing you right here what I've already got cooking in the first two quarters of 2016:

Business Consulting
1) Launching and expanding The Guild, my monthly membership program to help support and promote multitalented Artists (like YOU!) and their creative work
2) Publishing my first business book, all about MONEY
3) Heading into Year Two of my successful HobNob Artists Networking group with our Speaker Series 2016 (kicking off on 1/26 with Artist Carl Lopes at Cotuit Center for the Arts)
4) Building out the front and back ends of The Emporium online shoppe to better serve my customers

1) Opening a new show in February and one in June
2) Repeating shows in February, March, May and August (multiple dates)
3) Teaching dance classes first quarter
4) Producing/Directing the first Cape Cod Dance Expo at Cotuit Center for the Arts in October 2016 (all my dancers, message me if you're interested in participating!)

1) Dance classes, as above
2) Local/community college adjunct classes
3) Local workshops

Learning (just as important as the rest!)
1) Community Leadership Institute, Six Month Leadership Program
2) Holistic Fashionista Academy, Six Month Sales/Marketing Program
3) Harper Dance Center, adult ballet class

That's the short list.

Like I say all the time, unless you're making your own plans, someone else will make them for you. You might not like the results!

Make your own plan, set your own goals, write them down, review them often and steer your own course. You're the Captain of your OWN destiny. Starve or thrive?... YOU decide.

Need plate spinning help? I've got your back. Book your complimentary appointment with me today.

© 2016 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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