Write Your OWN Note to Self

After reposting my original Note to Self from a couple of years ago and then writing a NEW Note to Self, I'm feeling more motivated than ever to wrap up this year of the Horse 2014 with tons of vim and vigor!

Vim and vigor, doesn't that feel delicious to say?? Roll that off your tongue a few times, it's truly delish... Vim and vigor, vim and vigor...

Haha! Well, what's even hotter than the vim and vigor is how many of you Artists got excited about writing your OWN Notes to Self! This week, I've gotten loads of questions and comments about the process like, What made you pick that goal for your Note?, How do you decide which things to put at the top of your list? and What if you don't manage to accomplish all of it?? 

Here's the thing:

You can do it however YOU want to do it.

Personally, I'm a word gal so I like to write myself missives. Yeah, sometimes I get into the vision board thing but my Go To method is definitely writing. You might be different.

In fact, I know you are most certainly different. You're an Artist!

Set up your Note however you like. Write a note, paint a picture, create a vision board, write yourself a song... Doesn't matter. Do it your way. Have it your way.

Then, pick whatever goals are most important to you right now, the ones you really want to complete most.

Put the most urgent one, the one that's really driving you crazy, right at the top. Followed by the rest.

If you don't get them all done, no worries! You're in charge, remember?...  

Call the shots! I can't wait to read your Note!

Waiting with baited breath,
Ringleader Pam

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