You CAN Change!

Dealing with change takes commitment.  How much time you need is entirely up to you.  When you decide to work with me as your change coach, you have lots of different options regarding how much time you want to commit to the process of change. Our work takes place mostly over the telephone or via Skype.  The telephone serves as a wonderful medium for both client and coach, on many levels.  First, it is very convenient; we can meet at lots of different times, no matter what your schedule.  Second, talking on the phone rather than in person gives many a better sense of confidence and of speaking honestly and openly.  Third, location is no object!  I am located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA.  Since there is no need for face to face meetings, we can work together no matter where you live.

Our first call, about 15 minutes long, won't cost you a thing.  It's just to figure out whether we want to talk with each other on a regular basis.  Plus, I will let you know how I do things and what you can expect from working with me.

I am looking forward to working with you!