Your Perfect (Work) Day

Check out those two centrally located words above:  Perfect and work. Two seemingly simple words: Perfect. Work.

Do these two words belong in the same sentence in your world?  Maybe in the same book?...  Okay, how about the same library?  Or maybe we're talking about two alien planets on opposite sides of the Universe??

Well, if you're on an alien planet, you're probably not alone.  Just take a quick look around at your co-workers.  Chances are they're visiting alien planets of their own.  ;-)

However, right now we're talking about YOU and the possible disconnect between YOUR perfect and YOUR work.  As someone who finally brought those two alien words into the same section of the library, I can tell you that making them connect will probably make you very happy.  Now, I know that some of you reading this are already connecting, even working on the same page in the same book.  If you are one of those happy people, good for you!  You can stop reading now (but please come back next week!).

Wait HOLD ON just a minute there, oh no, that does NOT mean everyone.  Because I also know that many of you are still doing the Perfect-Work-Disconnect Dance.  You KNOW I'm right.  And we both know you're getting very tired of repeating the same old dance steps over and over.  Time for some new steps.  Time for some new music!

So how do I do that?? I can hear you asking in exasperated tones.

Well, there are lots of different approaches.  One I like a lot is visualization set to words.  I do better with words, so for me, detailed description works better than trying to imagine pictures of situations.  If you like imagining pictures better, you can do the same exercise without writing anything down.  However, the benefit of writing it down is that you can always re-read it for a big dose of Happy.  =)

So here's the exercise:  You're going to describe your very own, very personalized, very PERFECT day at work.

Are you ready to do this with me?  Good.  Get out a few sheets of paper and pencil or open a new document in Gmail or whatever and let's get to it.

First things first.  What time do you wake up? What are the first things you hear, see, smell, touch? What does your bedroom look like? How do you feel about getting out of bed and getting ready for work?

Okay, then what? Do you head straight for the coffee machine, take a shower, go out for a run or simply sit and meditate? Check your many well-padded bank accounts? Call your personal trainer or your personal assistant? Which would you do first, second, third, and for how long? Try to describe yourself doing each action and all the positive feelings you can imagine that would go along with your chosen actions.

Because remember, this is your very own, very customized, all chosen by you, very perfect day.

Here's a big one:  Exactly what work would you accomplish? Would you be happiest working as a golf pro at a country club in a warm, sunny location? Does the idea of editing a fashion magazine in a big city turn your lights on? How about teaching children to read, write and do math at a school of your choice? Maybe you'd love to perform on a cruise ship and see the world? Did you always want to be a nurse when you were a kid?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  The coolest thing about this exercise is that you cannot fail!  So think BIG.  Why not??

Go through your entire imagined day like this, right down to what you'd eat for lunch and what time you'd fall asleep at night with a big smile on your face.

Now, I'm not going to tell you to go back and do the same thing for your actual, real, in-the-now life.  You already have those pictures and descriptions.  What I'm going to suggest is that you take a few moments and think about why your disconnect exists.

Oh and please let me also suggest that you leave Negative Self-Talk Nellie outside, don't invite her annoying voice to this conversation.  Don't allow yourself the indulgence of judging your past choices right now.  Just understand yourself.  Forgive yourself, if that's what you need.

Then, repeat this exercise every day.  Every other day.  Every week.  Whenever and as often as you think of it.  It will eventually make you smile.  It may eventually even make you change.

And you KNOW what I think about change.