Revolutionary Artist Interviews


Revolutionary Artist Interviews


Ringleader Pam's exclusive interview series with nine amazing Artists! 


  • You want to spend time with successful Artists (because we become like the 5 people we spend most of our time with!)

  • You want to believe that your work is good enough

  • You crave regular motivation and inspiration to keep you focused on selling your work

  • You wish that self promotion was a piece of cake

  • You want to learn fantabulous social media strategies to grow your fanbase

  • You are DYING to be the Artist you KNOW you're meant to be!

  • You want to make BANK from your talent, and pronto


  • Social media strategies for gaining attention and fans that will BLOW your MIND

  • Ways to make regular cash in your chosen field that WON'T chain you to a desk job

  • How to make your Art your BUSINESS, not your hobby

  • Powerful statements and stories to keep you motivated

  • Ideas galore for authentic self promotion that aren't smarmy

  • Networking tips to keep your word of mouth marketing flowing

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  • Amazing tips on how to hustle your work while staying true to your creative genius

  • Access to my private Facebook group for multi-talented Artists, The Creative Revolution

  • MP3 recordings of calls for you to download into your library

  • Your FREE copy of The Creative Credo, my manifesto for Artists of All stripes, followed by my juicy weekly tips and useful info for making BANK from your talents