Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

My Fight Your Fright! self study program gives you 30 best strategies (+ 30 EXTRA bonus tips!) for successfully boosting courage and confidence to overcome public speaking fears

These are the same tips I’ve used many times myself and still use when teaching my clients.

*** You are NOT alone! ***

Most people (about 75%) would rather do ANYTHING than get up and speak!

I am here to help you bust through that barrier so you can get up and speak anytime, anywhere WITHOUT nausea, WITHOUT panic attacks, WITHOUT debilitating FEAR.

With my self-study program, you receive 30 (+30 extra bonus) digital treats including:

Expert advice on how to overcome your fears

Practical exercises to help you build courage and confidence

Bursts of motivation to keep you going

Audio and video downloads for anytime support


Private Facebook Group access for extra tips and networking 

Digital download in a convenient PDF document format

Start to Fight Your Fright today!

Here’s what a few satisfied clients say about working with me to Fight the Fright™:

I took Pamela's 30 Day Challenge because I struggled with nerves and stage fright. I don't know if she has magic super powers or is just a vibrant light of positivity, but I hosted my first retreat a month after taking her course and knocked it out of the ballpark. The thing I loved most about her program was she has a very holistic approach to dealing with the fear of public speaking. She truly takes into consideration that most of the problem is negative thinking. With her positive reinforcement, encouragement, and critiques, I was able to step into my own spotlight and lead with poise. Thank you Pamela!”

~ Angel Quintana

If you are looking to improve your confidence as a public speaker, then Pam Wills is who you want to hire to coach you. I was feeling increasingly anxious as the date for my largest guest speaking engagement approached. After one session, I began to reap the rewards of her lessons. She empowered me with strategies that fit my personality, yet stretched me beyond my comfort zone. My presentation went far better than I expected because of her guidance.”

~ Sonja Sheasley

I was struggling with doing a big presentation and had attended a seminar that Pam facilitated. At the end of the seminar, I had such a feeling of relief that I realized I needed more of Pam’s patient, compassionate and caring approach. I hired Pam to work with me independently and was very pleased with the results as I became much more confident after a few sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Pam on future endeavors.”

~Raquel R.

“I'm extremely grateful to Pam Wills for showing me how to get my (networking) butterflies to fly in formation! It’s now second nature to me. I strongly urge anyone who is nervous when promoting their own small business to seek Pam out! You'll be investing in your future, your business and yourself!”

~ Linda Dooley

Pam is someone who stays the course with you. Her humor, open heartedness and sharp skills at getting to the soul of what makes you tick is her greatest strength. I feel much more focused in my biz because of Pam's help and expert hand holding.”

~ Marsha Danzig

People ask me all the time how I became so confident onstage, confident enough to teach others how to feel the same way. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t born this way – I used to be super shy! My face used to turn beet red, my heart pounded in my throat, my hands and legs shook like crazy anytime I had to get up and speak. Like everyone else, I hated it! I hated the idea of looking stupid, or worse, making a mistake.

Yes, I was all about perfection back in the day. Even though I loved the stage, the creativity and excitement of it all, because of that need to be perfect, I still shied away from taking the spotlight.

Then one day, I auditioned for a dancing part that had a few lines. And I got it! 

However, I was so scared that I almost didn’t accept the part...

 Me, as Gloria in  Bye, Bye, Birdie

Me, as Gloria in Bye, Bye, Birdie

(I know it's hard to tell in this old photograph scan, but that’s really me, doing a split... in a wig!!)

Thankfully, I did accept it and from that day on, I threw myself into learning more and more about how to overcome my fears of getting up onstage. Now an award winning expert with plenty of experience wrestling my own stage fright, I have researched and tried just about every stage fright remedy in the book. Now, I know exactly how to help you overcome your own fear of the spotlight.

And now, I’ve packaged my best advice into 30 short bursts of motivation and support.

Once you finish my program, you will be able to get up and speak WITHOUT that debilitating feeling of fear. 

Plus, you will feel more confident in front of audiences than ever before and speak more often to increase your business success.

It’s time for you to Fight Your Fright and step onto that stage!