Do you still struggle with starving artist syndrome?

Are you tired of working at a ho-hum job when you'd rather be using your talents?

Does the idea of making a living with your talent scare the crap out of you?

Have you spent most of your life working on someone else's dreams because you felt you had too many financial responsibilities to make  your own dreams come true?

Is your creative talent going to waste, languishing in the back of some dusty closet?

Have your attempts to forget about your creative passions failed you?

Is it time for you to brush off those dreams and finally get down to work?


TURN YOUR TALENTS INTO CASH with my Proven Signature System for Success in the Arts

Yes, it's time.

Time to start believing in yourself as an Artist

Time to start living your own dreams

Time to start taking action on those dreams

Time to start making BANK with your talents

Time to succeed in the arts

Time to finally OWN yourself as an Artist


Are you ready?

This program is GUARANTEED to shake you into believing that you ARE an Artist!

Get your MONEY attitude in shape, see the VALUE in your talents, and start living YOUR dream

Never be scared again to market yourself and your talents, tell people how beautigorgeous your collection is, confidently call people and tell them why they need to show YOUR art in their gallery or hire YOUR band for a gig.

This is what you get:

EIGHT SESSIONS of entrepreneurial business training to include planning, marketing, networking, branding, time management, motivational tips, PR support, business plan development PLUS weekly accountability check-ins.

Whew, that's a lot!

How it all shakes down:

  • 8 private one to one telephone sessions of 90 mins each 

    • Session 1: Bust Old Beliefs, including ways to own your talent
    • Session 2: Stop Negative Money Mindset self talk and banish the Starving Artist mentality
    • Session 3: Take Action and create a customized plan with checklists for the immediate future
    • Session 4: Social Media & Networking Road Map, customized for your creative business PLUS my Social Media Rock Stars 101  Teleclass 4-Part Series, my GIFT to you ($100+ value)

    • Session 5: Details for Booking Gigs, including crafting your Artist bio and elevator speech

    • Sessions 6, 7 & 8: How to develop a Modern Business Plan and Mission Statement for your Art 
      • Marketing & PR Plan
      • Short & Longterm goals
      • Mission Statement 
    • BONUS #1: Progress Report and final check in 
    • BONUS #2: SIX MONTHS of FREE membership in The Guild to keep your momentum going ($600+ value!)
  • Email check ins for accountability each week, between calls
  • Permanent entry into my private Facebook group, The Creative Revolution for extra networking, info and access ( most networking fees usually run between $100 and $500 per year )
  • 10% off my promotional services and other programs for one full year


This program is for you if:

  • You don't believe you can make a living with your talents

  • You are DYING to quit your dreadful day job

  • You're sooo sick of doing boring busy work for someone else when all you can think about is making your own music, art, poetry, etc. 

  • You know you need to learn more business skills so you'll have the confidence to present yourself and your talents 

AWESOME, Pam! The way you frame everything is so energizing and motivating. I especially liked the part about concentrating on your faith & your confidence instead of your fears. I am putting that into practice starting NOW. My new favorite quote: “So f-ing what!” <3 Thank you, Pam!
— Emily Wade Adams, Performer
Pam pushed me to achieve more than I expected from myself, helping me specifically with confidence. She is an excellent teacher (and choreographer)... and a lovely person! I would definitely recommend working with her!
— Tom Tracy - Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Sound Engineer
What a fantastic conversation with Pamela Wills today. The prospect of “making bank” at the beginning of this path can be overwhelming with all that needs to be done and considered. She is an excellent resource and, I am gathering, a great all around person.
— Janice Sheppard, Photographer

What are the benefits?

  1. You bust out of starving artist mode

  2. You get organized

  3. You gain confidence as an Artist AND a CEO

  4. You start developing an exit strategy from your ho hum job

  5. You get to create more and more

  6. You build your reputation as an Artist

  7. You develop your brand and your vision

  8. You get noticed and get your Big Break!

  9. You probably get some press, too

  10. You make BANK




1) How do I know this program will work for me?

If you're an Artist of any kind at heart, this program nurtures that inner Artist and brings your creative passion out into the light of day. If you want to start making money with your talents and you're ready to do the work, this program supports you every step of the way.

2) What if I'm not happy with the results?

We are so certain that you'll be thrilled with your results after 8 sessions that we offer a money back guarantee on this program.

3) Where can I find more testimonials about Pamela and her work?

You can find lots more testimonials for Pamela on LinkedIn

4) This program is kind of pricey, how do I know I'll get what I'm paying for?

This program offers high level results at a premium cost. Investing in yourself and your creative business is an essential element to your forward success and propels every client forward with high level motivation. If you don't feel like you receive the best value possible from this program,  please see our money back guarantee page.

5) What if I need help from Pamela in between our scheduled sessions?

Support between sessions is built into this program at no extra cost. We take care of our people!

6) Do I get any support from Pamela after we finish this program?

ABSOLUTELY! Once you graduate from this program, you can join one of Pamela's Artists' Mastermind groups and/or stay active in her private Facebook group, The Creative Revolution. You'll also continue to receive her free weekly newsletter, The Creative Playbill for as long as you like. If you're local in New England, you can also join her HobNob Artists Networking group for even more access and support, in person!