The Buzz

I took Pamela’s 30 Day Challenge because I struggled with nerves and stage fright. I don’t know if she has magic super powers or is just a vibrant light of positivity, but I hosted my first retreat a month after taking her course and knocked it out of the ballpark. The thing I loved most about her program was she has a very holistic approach to dealing with the fear of public speaking. She truly takes into consideration that most of the problem is negative thinking. With her positive reinforcement, encouragement, and critiques, I was able to step into my own spotlight and lead with poise. Thank you Pamela!
— Angel Quintana, Author / Designer / CEO of Holistic Fashionista
Pam, I just read your ‘Three Peas in a Pod’ blog...very insightful. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.
— Robbie Jarvis, Sound & Lighting Expert
I really look forward to my meetings with Pam — they’re enjoyable and never feel like ‘work’. [...] It’s extremely helpful to toss ideas around with and be accountable to someone as objective and insightful as Pam. I always walk away with a useful tool and a confident, less overwhelmed feeling in my heart. It’s like a personal pep rally. Absolutely fantastic and such a treat.
— Amy Mason, Illustrator / Graphic Designer of Amy Mason Design & deepBlue
It’s so worth it, Pam is great to work with! Double Gratitude: I was feeling grateful for my lovely Coach yesterday, who encouraged me not to sell myself short – and this morning, my clients paid me double what I requested, saying “don’t sell yourself short, you’re worth more than that!” Thank you!
— Peggy Terhune, Choreographer / Dance Teacher
Happy Birthday Pamela, it’s your day... Relax with your ‘feet-up’! Well done. Oh! Don’t forget to keep inspiring us all being an ‘Outstanding Woman’. You really are so significant to so many - even people you don’t even know. Thanks for being you and please keep delighting us in 2015.
— Michael & Marianna Whitenburgh, Authors / Speakers / Firewalkers / Coaches at Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment
Oh, ‘badassed awesometastical fabulosity’, I like that, Pamela Wills!
— Wendy Witt, Esq.
If you are looking to improve your confidence as a public speaker, then Pam Wills is who you want to hire to coach you. I was feeling increasingly anxious as the date for my largest guest speaking engagement approached. After one session, I began to reap the rewards of her lessons. She empowered me with strategies that fit my personality, yet stretched me beyond my comfort zone. My presentation went far better than I expected because of her guidance.
— Sonja Sheasley, CEO